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Chrismont Wine Club FAQ’s



How do I become a Member?

You can become a Chrismont Wine Club Member at any time by signing up through the Wine Club page on our website – www.chrismont.com.au, phoning on (03) 5729 8220 or by visiting us at our Cellar Door, Restaurant and Larder in the King Valley

What are some of the benefits I will receive as a Chrismont Wine Club Member?

No joining fee - only pay for the wines you purchase.
10% off all wine purchases.
Complimentary delivery within Australia.
Members discount on wine purchased at our Restaurant and Larder.
First glance of pre-release wines before the public.
Savings on accommodation at the Chrismont Guest House.


Which wines will I receive in my Wine Club pack deliveries?

You choose your own selection, whether a straight 12 wines of one variety or a mixed dozen. Or we can choose them for you.


How many cases do I have to purchase?

You are required to purchase a minimum of two dozen wines per calendar year.
You are able to select which quarters you would like to receive the shipment – February, May, August and/or November.

You may purchase addition bottles of wine outside of your scheduled shipments and still receive a 10% discount and complimentary freight within Australia.


Can I change my shipment quarters or cancel my membership?

Simply contact us at the Chrismont Wine Club via email – chrismontwineclub@chrismont.com.au - and let us know which quarters you would like to change.

Once you have fulfilled your Membership requirement to purchase two dozen bottles within a calendar year, please email us at Chrismont - chrismontwineclub@chrismont.com.au - to let us know you would like to cancel your Membership.


How do I know when you are going to charge my credit card and send wine?

Two weeks prior to charging your credit card, we will email to inform you we are about to send your quarterly wine selection to you. This will allow you the chance and time to update any necessary Membership Profile details including delivery address, credit card and/or wine selection.

One week prior to processing your order, we will email you as a courtesy reminder to update your Membership Profile details.

On our processing day your credit card will be charged with the wine selections you have selected. A of couple days later your wine selection will be packed and shipped to the nominated delivery address in your Membership Profile.